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Cute College Coeds Loosen Their Morals When Cash Is at Stake
Over 2 million broke 18 year olds enter college every year - what they are willing to do for cash will shock you!
We sent a "documentary crew" to the nations biggest party schools and made an offer these broke cuties could not ignore. Watch them suck, fuck, and swallow loads of cum in exchange for quick cash and "documentary fame!"

Ashlynn Brooke Fucked Doggystyle Ashlynn Brooke blowjob Ashlynn Brooke Doggystyle
Ashlynn Brooke Fucked Doggystyle

Before Ashlynn Brooke became a big-time porn star she was just another college teen hungry for cash. We convinced Ashlynn that we were shooting a documentary on college life and really needed her input... We offered cash and she took the bait! Ashlynn was crazy desperate for cash, after realizing how much dough she could make by spreading her pussy for the camera she dropped her panties and the rest was history. [Watch Preview]

Teen Bree Olson Fucked Hard Bree Olson blowjob Bree Olson doggystyle
Teen Bree Olson Fucked Hard

Bree Olson may be a famous actress and porn star today, but before this porn starlet sucked her first dick on camera she was an innocent 18-year-old freshman with high aspirations. Our crew spotted Bree's cute face and amazing tits from across campus and had to track her down. It took a lot of convincing, but with enough grease Bree was willing to put her cock sucking skills to work and earned every penny! [Watch Preview]


Take a look around, you wouldn't believe who's daughters fuck for cash. The neighbor, your boss, your minister?!

Cute Celina Cross Tagteam Fuck Celina Cross blowjob Celina Cross doggystyle
Cute Celina Cross Tagteam Fuck

Celina Cross was a perky brunette teen with a beautiful round ass and perfect perky tits. We saw her walking out of a 7/11 and had to say hi! Chitchat ensued and we soon discovered that Celina was the perfect kind of girl there is, a broke one! We told her all about our mission of helping desperate college girls by giving them cash out of the warmth of our hearts, but she's already through our scheme! Not that it stopped her, Celina took both of our cocks like a champ as we tag teamed her sweet ass! [Watch Preview]

Teen Sasha Grey fucks for Cash Sasha Grey blowjob Sasha Grey doggystyle
Teen Sasha Grey Fucks For Cash

You've seen Sasha Grey on shows like Entourage and in plenty of porn movies getting her brains fucked in, but long before Sasha became a star she wanted to give school a shot. She didn't realize how expensive it would be! Only one week into her first semester Sasha was already looking for ways to make quick cash. We wish every girl were like Sasha! She came over to the pad and put her skills to work, she was a fuck we will never forget. [Watch Preview]

Milton Twins fuck for cash Milton Twins double blowjob Milton Twins doggystyle
Milton Twins Fuck For Cash

Does it get any better than blonde twins eager to suck dick to get back at daddy? The Milton Twins got shafted by their old man, no college cash! To get back at him, they couldn't wait to show what little sluts he made them become. The twins had never fucked the same dude before but when cash was out and dicks were swingin', they couldn't wait to suck balls while the other licked shaft. This will teach daddy! [Watch Preview]

Teen Riley Mason Pussy Fucked Riley Mason blowjob Riley Mason doggystle
Teen Riley Mason Pussy Fucked

This cutie's name is Riley Mason. We were out at a bar one night and bumped into her, not sure how she got in but not our problem! Riley was wearing a cute little green skirt that really showed off her perky little round ass. She was skeptical when we first offered her some easy cash, but she quickly changed her mind after we flashed a wad. Riley tried telling us that she was a good girl, but with my dick in her pussy from behind and my buddies cock choking her we knew that wasn't true at all! [Watch Preview]

Asian Nautica Thorn teen sex Nautica Thorn blowjob Nautica Thorn doggystyle
Nautica Thorn blowjob

Nautica Thorn is a name you might know from your Asian porn travels, but long before she became the starlet that she is today she was just another girl at another school. Nautica was headed to class when we bumped into her. So cute, so perky, and such an amazing body. It took a lot of sweet talking and a lot of cash but not because soon saw the color of green and admitted that she could use a good fuck. And fuck she did! [Watch Preview]

big tit Whitney Stevens swallows cum Whitney Stevens blowjob Whitney Stevens titty fuck
Big Tit Whitney Stevens Swallows Cum

This big tit brunette went by Whitney Stevens. Whitney was at the store shopping for food to take back to her dorm when we literally bumped into her, her massive natural tits are impossible to avoid! After taking a quick look at her great curves, we knew that Whitney had to be our next Brat. With a little smooth talking, we convinced Whitney that easy cash was in her future. A good hard fucking and an hour later Whitney was much richer! [Watch Preview]


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schoolgirl Brianna Blaze cum shot Brianna Blaze blowjob Brianna Blaze doggystyle
Schoolgirl Brianna Blaze Cum Shot

Brianna Blaze was on her way back to the dorms after a long first day of class, she was wearing a slutty little plaid skirt to tease all the guys (first day of school rocks!) We spotted her and offered a ride. We told Brianna that we were doing a documentary on college girls and what they do for cash, and if she had ever considered sucking dick for easy money. She was revolted at first but quickly changed her tone when she saw green come out! [Watch Preview]

Alex Divine throat fucked Alex Divine blowjob Alex Divine doggystyle
Alex Divine Throat Fucked

Meet Alex Divine. This girl was truly like no other girl we have ever met. We saw her walking down the street and pulled over, we had to talk with her. A real cute girl, but just the way she was walking we could tell there was something special about her. We invited her back to the pad for an "interview", skeptical at first but once she saw the cash she was cool. I had this girl from behind, so deep I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy. My buddy was fucking her face harder than I've ever seen before... and she begged for even more! [Watch Preview]

teen Alexis Taylor tagteamed Alexis Taylor blowjob Alexis Taylor doggystyle
Teen Alexis Taylor Tagteamed

Alexis Taylor is a really cute blonde with a banging body, beautiful tits that are just begging to be sucked. When we spotted Alexis, we knew she had to be the next Brat. Alexis was very reluctant when we told her we were doing a documentary, she wanted nothing to do with it. After money started floating around she must have remembered that she had bills because her morals quickly disappeared! Alexis was the perfect fuck for Cash For Brats. [Watch Preview]

Barbie Cummings covered in cum Barbie Cummings blowjob Barbie Cummings titty fuck
Barbie Cummings Covered In Cum

We found Barbie Cummings walking down the street late at night, a sexy girl like that should not be strolling along! We stopped and offered a ride, Barbie was a little paranoid at first but she quickly warmed to the idea of a ride home and maybe a little partying. Once in the car we told her what we were all about and she wanted in on the action! Her car was in the shop, she needed cash, and she loved to fuck. She said two dicks and a cum shot would cost extra but we didn't mind! [Watch Preview]

Ashlynn Brooke Fucked Doggystyle Ashlynn Brooke blowjob Ashlynn Brooke blowjob
Latina Sativa Rose cum shot

Sativa Rose is a spicy Latina teen with a great round ass and beautiful plump tits, and yes, she loved to fuck. Sativa, like the other brats we find, needed cash to pay for school. No problem! We made her work for her green though and get the snot fucked out of her. She started out by giving a double blow job and then we quickly turned her over to fuck her from behind. This was a Latina hottie that will go down in the record books! [Watch Preview]

redhead Felix Vicious teen sex Felix Vicious blowjob Felix Vicious doggystyle
Redhead Felix Vicious Teen Sex

Felix Vicious is a fiery redhead with a lot of attitude and a big love of cock. When she heard that we were "helping" college girls with tuition money, she gave us a call and said she wanted in! We met her at the park and took her back to our pad for a redhead fucking we would never forget. This petite redhead could not get enough dick. With every thrust she only begged for more! [Watch Preview]

teen Delilah Strong rough fuck Delilah Strong blowjob Delilah Strong blowjob
Teen Delilah Strong Rough Fuck

Delilah Strong was one of the more slutty teens we came across. Many of the girls throw up some resistance, but not Delilah, she couldn't wait to get in on the action. Especially for cash! Delilah took both of our cocks like a champion and gave a sensational blowjob before I needed to fucked that pussy like it's never been fucked before. Delilah was a champ, would not mind running into her again! [Watch Preview]

big tit teen Brandy Talore Brandy Talore titty fuck Brandy Talore blowjob
Big Tit Teen Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore was a brat that will never be forgotten. She had a real cute face but her main selling point was her massive natural tits, holy fuck, talk about huge. She went for the cash no problem, she needed money, who doesn't? But man when I had her down on all fours and was fucking her from behind, the pussy felt good and all but all I could think about was those big natural tits swinging back and forth. This is one girl you have to watch... seriously, watch the video! [Watch Preview]

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